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Supply chain finance provides funding to clients to compliment and extend their existing lines of credit with their suppliers.


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    Technology-enabled working capital finance

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    We provide committed funding that allows our client and their suppliers to enter into longer term strategic supply agreements

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    Channel’s operational teams work proactively with clients to maximise funding utilisation

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    Leveraging of our debt and investment funds to obtain the lowest cost of capital

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    Leveraging of our relationship with over 15 global trade credit insurers to credit enhance the payables pool and further reduce cost of financing

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    Term financing out to 5-years


Supply chain finance is a financial transaction that allows sellers to obtain prompt payment while also providing buyers with longer repayment terms.

Non-investment grade and un-rated suppliers benefit as the transaction is priced based on the structure designed by Channel and the credit standing of the buyer, leading to greater payment certainty, faster advances and diversification of funding sources for both parties.

Approved invoices are uploaded to Channel and purchased for a small financing fee charged by our fund offerings, thus improving the supplier’s cashflow immediately and mitigating supply chain risk.

Channel accelerates supplier funding

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    The supplier delivers goods and invoices to buyers in the same way as before enrolment

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    Buyer approves payments and sends payment instruction (PI) to Channel

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    Supplier is noified and approved payment amounts are visible on the platform

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    Suppliers receive non-recourse cash following sale of receivable to Channel

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    Buyer makes payments to Channel at scheduled maturity date