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Togather is our credit platform which provides SME’s a reliable, technology-enabled source of working capital. Our award winning cloud-based software facilitates our financing of SME invoices which are digitally uploaded for prompt financing. Togather is disrupting the invoice finance market for SME’s with an innovative and fast working capital solution in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Cardano Development is committed to helping frontier economies develop and prosper, by introducing innovative financial risk management products and services to make people and businesses active in the local real economy more resilient and protected against risk. Channel and Cardano Development collaborate at many levels to address financial market gaps in frontier markets, including governance, credit modelling, and new business initiatives in the working capital space.

Launched in 1992, The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) is the largest independent trade body for commercial finance brokers. The Association comprises over 1850 commercial finance brokers covering the whole of the UK. We are excited to be apart of and to contribute to the NACFB community.

Channel partners with Wiserfunding, an innovative London-based FinTech to employ its advanced credit risk assessment  technology to analyze and monitor credit risk trends upfront and over time. Wiserfunding’s powerful SME Z-score, pioneered by Dr Gabriele Sabato and Dr Ed Altman, is a key part of our risk management toolkit to find and retain creditworthy clients.

Certua is a London technology firm that powers firms in the insurance and financial services sector with a wide array of technology solutions, including APIs, machine learning and other tools.  Certua and Channel are developing a joint venture to support firms with technology and financial solutions to improve their own management of working capital.  We believe this is a unique partnership and proposition to our clients where we can drive solutions to business finance and working capital challenges.

SANNE provides administration, reporting and fiduciary services to leading alternative asset managers, financial institutions, family offices and corporates for over 1750 clients, administers more than 7800 funds and structures, representing over £250 billion of assets.

Neotas specialise in deep dives into all publicly available data across social media and the dark web to pinpoint people risk. We harness this wealth of untapped intelligence at speed, through a unique blend of cyber intelligence skills, machine learning technology and analytical expertise. Neotas works with Channel and also governments, banks, insurance companies to help mitigate and prevent fraud risks.

FINTECH Circle is a global platform of more than 130,000 entrepreneurs, investors, finance professionals, academic and government representatives, and solution providers. The education platform FINTECH Circle Institute offers cutting edge fintech and digital finance content to help learners acquire the right knowledge, skills and mindset to join the global fintech ecosystem.

Cloud 9 is our technology subsidiary that developed the CREST software for leading corporates and banks to host receivables portfolios, provide collection services, and generate reliable portfolio and risk management reports. Channel and Togather clients are provided this software solution to help with their working capital management needs.

Dickinson Wright is a leading North American full-service business law firm specialising in cross border legal advice. Dickinson Wright has advised Channel for nearly 10 years on corporate and structured finance matters in Canada.