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Channel pioneered the inventory and receivables swingline structure to disrupt excessively expensive banking fee structures


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    Technology-enabled working capital finance

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    Excessive bank fees on un-utilised lines are eliminated as you only pay for one limit for both inventory and receivables

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    Term financing out to 5-years

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    Channels program and cash management teams employ dashboards

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    Leveraging of our debt and investment funds to obtain the lowest cost of capital

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    Leveraging of our relations with insurers to reduce credit costs and enhance the inventory and receivables pool

The Swingline: Pioneered by Channel Inventory and Receivables Financing in One!

Our clients often experience seasonality in their business financing needs whereby inventory levels may be high at one moment, and later, the inventory is sold and the working capital needs shifts to receivables. 

While the working capital requirement shifts from inventory to invoices, banks will charge fees on un-utilized lines.

Working capital is locked up in your business as inventory financing requirements combined with receivables financing can extend 120 days in total or more.

Channel has pioneered solutions for this common problem and is disrupting the bank market with its Swingline product.

The Swingline allows inventory and receivables to both be financed under one line, thus reducing overall bank fee levels.