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Channel’s Sustainable Investing

Responsible investing is investing in the future; it is about investing in innovation and growth towards a green and circular economy.

At Channel, our strategy seeks to deliver long-term performance by investing in partners and their B2B clients that demonstrate strong management of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities.

Channel Capital Advisors
Channel assists our borrowers in meeting their sustainability goals by connecting their sustainability footprint with financial returns

Our Process

Our well-established security selection criteria underpins our portfolios, which combines fundamental and ESG considerations of the investee companies with sectoral and geographic analysis. Our ESG due diligence process identifies material ESG controversies and evaluates our underlying companies’ ESG risk management practices.

Channel also undertakes an engagement approach on higher scored entities, engaging with companies to gain insight into ESG risks and actively influence, through sustainability KPIS, the management of these factors in line with industry best-practiced standards.

The outcome is a firm that integrates ESG into every step of the investment decision-making process, thereby avoiding companies with weak ESG performance or exposure to controversial activities and ultimately, sustainably generating attractive long term financial returns.

As a signatory to the UNPRI, ESG principles are embedded throughout our business.

Channel Capital Advisors
Channel Capital Advisors

ESG award for ESG Governance Transformation 2021.

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